Howdy, I’m Pawel.

I’m a Full Stack .NET Developer, experienced in designing, building, and deploying robust, maintainable, and scalable data-driven applications. I take part in the full software development lifecycle. I work with both distributed systems and monolithic architecture and I’m comfortable working with .NET Framework, .NET Standard, and .NET Core frameworks (preparing for .NET 6!). I’m familiar with MVC Web Apps, Azure Webjobs, Azure Functions, and some front-end frameworks like Razor Pages, Razor Views, or Angular.

I design and deploy SQL Server databases and feel comfortable creating data access layers in applications using EF and EFCore. Outside of T-SQL, I can also use MySQL, NoSQL (i.e. Azure Storage Tables), or Standard SQL (i.e. Google BigQuery).

I have an in-depth knowledge of Azure and working with both Cloud (mainly DevOps, Source Control, and CI/CD) and Portal (creating, configuring, and categorizing resources; Cost management and optimization; identifying and resolving issues with host machines, and more). I’m a Global Administrator in my current role.

I also work with Google Cloud Platform, where I’m an Organization Admin and use tools such as Data Warehouse (BigQuery), Stackdriver logging and monitoring, and Dataflow/Dataprep, or Cloud Functions.

I’ve had a chance of covering an Internal System Administrator role for almost a year, and I’m experienced in Microsoft Windows servers, domain controllers, and Active Directory, as well as Azure AD, Office 365 suite, maintaining/setting up all company PCs, including Group Policy updates, software, and hardware upgrades, and finally implementing and distributing scripts using PowerShell and Command Prompt. I provided both remote and on-site support to our teams in the UK and US.

I’m a certified Microsoft Technology Associate and successfully finished Harvards’ Introduction to Computer Science course that gave me a strong foundation in low-level programming with C and web development with Python. I’ve accomplished a higher apprenticeship in Software Development and I currently work in a digital marketing agency as a Developer.

I have an outgoing personality and I’m easy to communicate with. Outside of work, I’m enjoying the outdoors and physical activity. I love to read literature classics and listen to folk or electronic music. I also run a technical blog ( and started a YouTube channel.


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