Motives and goals: Why am I starting a technical blog?


Howdy. I’m Pawel and I’m a software engineer by trade and passion. You can find a bit more about myself in the About section, but I’d like to keep this post focused on the motives behind this technical blog and the big picture.

The blog

While Software Development is constant learning, it’s also constant re-learning. How many times you catch yourself saying: “I’ve seen this one before”, but you can’t quite recall how to find a solution and end up wasting time going around the same loop over and over again?

For this reason, I’d like this technical blog to be my notebook, that also serves educational purpose for others. There seem to be plenty of those online, but new solutions, updates and bugs are introduced every day, so I hope not to duplicate many existing resources and provide value to my-future-self and others!

The initial idea is to cover the stack I’m the most familiar with, which is all-dot-net related stuff, but I’m not afraid to venture a little (hence that pretty versatile blog name!) and touch other technologies.

Another important aspect is networking. I’m open to any new connections, so please feel free to get in touch via any channels on the About page!

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